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Creating with the help of ENLIGHTENED SPIRITS is our specialty.

Create productively with deliberate intention.

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The difference between Spirits and spirituality as briefly as possible is that spirits are entities and spirituality is whaT

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 We respect & honor all religions and beliefs that uplift humanity for its greater good.
The goal of this site is to expand the possibilities and view of ourselves in the space of our human existence. 


We are dedicated to sharing the POWERFUL SECRETS

 of the Spirit World with YOU.

YOU are important! Your life is important! YOU can succeed!

This site is about YOU & what YOU can do.

YOU can achieve much more & your progress is limited only by YOU.

Husband & Wife Team


Who are we & what are we known for?

Talking directly to Enlightened Spirits who answer our every question! [Since 1982]

Beauford (Butch) Kleidon was a professional Hypnologist & Jeanene was a Teacher. We got together in 1982 and instantly discovered a mutual & pervasive interest in all aspects of spirituality & the spirit world. 

We used Trance Mediumship as the vehicle by which we would forge decades-long relationships with advanced spirit-beings who would (and still do) answer all of our questions and explain in painstaking detail anything & everything  about the 


Things We Love


Butch loves cooking & painting.

Jeanene loves gardening, sewing, drawing, writing  & a zillion other things, including the TAROT.

Most of all, we love exploring the endless aspects of human and spiritual development and their absolute connectedness. 

We have written several books on the subject, depicting what the spirits have said.

We hold a seance once a week with guests who ask Enlightened Spirits questions to their hearts content.

We have devoloped this website so that YOU can get involved too!


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Ask Spirits

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A Little More About US


We are a husband & wife team who have worked together for over 30 years helping people to find their most perfect selves. Jeanene is a Deep-Trance Medium.  That means that she is able to set her personality aside to allow spirits to speak through her. I am Beauford, the Trance Facilitator. In addition to having practiced as a hypnotherapist in the Twin Cities since the 1970's, I also take care of techie stuff like the videos & recordings.  I am the moderator and make sure everyone has a chance to ask spirit questions (when we're in a group setting) and keep the conversations flowing. I also make sure the room environment stays safe and comfortable. Someone has to be aware of phones and fire alarms and lighting concerns, etc. and that's also a part of my job.

We've always been interested in getting in touch with the highest and most evolved spirits.  That's been our focus right from the beginning of our journey, back in the seventies. That's right, we've been actively communing with all sorts of spirit personalities for that long!

While many mediums concentrate their efforts on giving messages to the living from their departed loved ones, we have focused on developing relationships with enlightened spirits who speak about existence from their unique spiritual perspective. We speak with them in a conversational style, just as you might with a dear friend. When guests ask a question, whether it is about the spiritual world or this one, their answers are always very thorough. They take their time to make sure we get as true an answer as is possible for us to comprehend. They try to make the information easy to understand, while relaying very complicated material and maintaining the integrity of their understanding as it may differ from from our many human belief systems and perspectives.  

If you would like to experience this type of communication and ask your own questions, we will come to your home or group meeting place.  Feel free to call us for further information. Sharing our work is our greatest pleasure. 

You can reach us by email: bk@askspirits.com
                                             or jk@askspirits.com

Butch Kleidon: Trance Facilitator
Jeanene Kleidon: Deep Trance Medium 



 No, we don't do it that-a-way.

 Around the turn of the century Spiritualism was very popular. Physical mediums were able to produce ectoplasm and all sorts of other physical phenomenon. Spirits typically communicated through table-tipping, knocking and short sentences uttered by the medium who was in a deep trance.  While this sort of thing was authentically rare, it was wildly popular.  So popular in fact, that in order to capitalize on the demand, many so-called mediums went through elaborate means to fake the real effects of the few true channelers.  In that sense, things haven't changed all that much, but physical mediums are still rare.

Jeanene is NOT a PHYSICAL MEDIUM - she is a DEEP-TRANCE MEDIUM. We don't summon the dearly departed.  We want to talk to spirits who are HIGHLY EVOLVED and ENLIGHTENED.  While we do sit around the table to do our work with spirits, we don't have to. It is merely convenient.. In larger groups we have worked in parlors, small meeting rooms, conference rooms and large auditoriums. To spirit, the location does not matter.    


 For the last 30 years or so I have had the amazing gift of speaking to a group of spiritual teachers that speak through Jeanene, an extremely clear and talented medium.   I am able to ask any questions I want and all are answered with serene patience, love and a complete explanation of whatever I have asked.

Barbara Rea. 

Spirit Messages


How Many times have you heard that you can’t change other people?  You don’t like how they behave towards you, so you go to all sorts of extremes trying to find something that will make them stop. Your friends tell you to try this or that and so you give it a shot. It backfires every time, doesn’t it?  All the big shots like Dr. Phil and Reverend so-and-so and your own inner voice tells you that you can’t change them; you have to change YOURSELF.  Darn!


 Would you like to know how to go about doing that the easy way? A lifetime of introspection could get you to the perfect point where you begin to understand that YOUR behavior is what’s driving the way others treat you. Maybe then you’d start to see that you have to overcome your own anger issues, or your own lack of self-esteem or your own fears, or whatever it is about your deepest self that has been hurting and needing healing all or most of your life. But how to you go about self-healing? You might be 100 before people start treating you well.


  Not so! Enlightened Spirits have shown us the fast-track to quality experiences with even the most difficult people! It’s so simple you might even laugh! While you might not understand your deepest self this way, it still works and it works rather quickly.  Let me explain briefly.

 Even though you may be on your best behavior and say all the appropriate things to your nightmarish boss, that horrible coworker, your rude neighbor, your inconsiderate spouse or your spoiled sassy children, they are relating to your TRUE INNER FEELINGS.  Since we are ALL spiritual beings and spirit communicates non-verbally through the emotional vibrations, even we mere mortals do so also. That is why they seem to know how you are really feeling and what you are really thinking.  That’s why they are all so good at pushing your buttons. You do this too, don’t you?  Sure you do. Don’t deny it.  We all do.

But how do we stop all this craziness and get down to the loving and caring relationships that we all want?  I’m going to give you some homework. Don’t worry, you won’t need a pencil. Just the promise that you will not stop practicing this easy-peasy technique - - - not EVER!

Gratitude is the key to everything.  If you spend all the empty moments in your mind counting your blessings, not only will all your spare time be taken up in a positive exercise, you won’t have time to criticize, to feel put-upon, to nit-pick everybody else’s weaknesses, or whatever other negative thoughts occupy your idle mind. It is said that you attract what you give off.  So if you are truly becoming the most grateful person in your circle of friends and acquaintances. Even if you never say a word about your new mental habit, you will gradually begin to see a difference in how everyone behaves towards you. 

While I could write a book about how this works exactly, you don’t have to know all that. It will help you to understand that you are changing internally. You won’t change overnight, because you won’t practice very much at first. You’ll expect big, fast changes from everyone, but the changes from others will be commensurate upon the changes you make and perceive in yourself. The more you begin to appreciate the world around you, including the people, the more you will notice changes in others. They will naturally respond differently towards you as you soften and relax towards them. Eventually you will be able to communicate all the petty little changes you’d like to see without offending anyone. They won’t respond with hostility when you approach them with confident respect.

One of the outcroppings or effects of “gratitude” is “satisfaction”.  As you grow in gratitude, your satisfaction increases. Your internal satisfaction elicits compatible reactions from others.  It is really that simple, without going into all the details.

Won’t you give this a try? Remind yourself, whenever your mind is wandering, to focus on any and everything that you are grateful for.  Make a mental list. Make a written list or a journal if you like. Even if at first you hate everyone and everything, including and most especially yourself and your life, I challenge you to find a few things that you really like.  Flowers, rainbows, chocolate, peaches, motorboats, fishing, TV…come on – you can do this!

If you have trouble or need a friend, email me at jk@askspirits.com and I’ll personally give you some more pointers.  Can you beat that! Life is better already, isn't it?

Blessings to you all! 

Wishing vs. Creating


 Why Don't My Dreams Come True?

The Law of Attraction has played a prominent role in in helping people manifest their physical and spiritual dreams.  We have focused on this for process for over 3 decades. One of the questions most commonly asked is, “why didn’t my dream come true?” The Enlightened Spirits have always insisted that we MUST make ourselves aware of just WHAT we are focusing on.  Saying “I don’t want money problems”, for example,  is like telling your brain, and more importantly the universal vibrations, that you WANT money PROBLEMS.  Because the vibratory world does not speak in negatives, it converts everything into positives. (Maybe we should take a lesson form this.) So when we say I DON’T want, it is translated into I WANT.

In order to be rid of money problems we must say something like:

  • I WANT financial abundance
  • I WANT financial freedom
  • I WANT financial wealth
  • I WANT a life of pleasure

That’s a far cry from NOT WANTING money problems.  But that’s not all we have to do.

We also have to believe that our desire WILL come TRUE!  That’s not very easy to do if your life has been full of trouble and turmoil.  In order to manifest our WANTs into HAVEs we have to be able to shout to the world that

  • I HAVE financial abundance
  • I HAVE financial freedom
  • I HAVE financial wealth
  • I HAVE a life of pleasure

Rephrasing the way you ask for things is not nearly as challenging as changing the way you believe about an unwanted reality that stares you in the face day after day, but that IS what is required. So how do you do THAT?

The trick is to repeat & keep repeating the desired belief over and over and over again!  Act as if you really do believe it. I’m not saying go out and buy your way into even more trouble by acting like money doesn’t matter because you’re hoping to be made of it someday,  but you must learn to feel in harmony with the universe.  You imagine what success feels like. You trust and enjoy the feeling of faith that you WILL see a change in your reality and you work physically to put yourself in the right situations to succeed. 

Spirits tell us that while a very few immensely talented monks could sit under a tree and manifest a change in material reality, we mere every-day-mortals must also WORK to put that reality on the track to production.  Henry Ford didn’t just invent an automobile, he worked to get patents, a corporate license, a factory, advertisements, and on and on.  We have to act AS IF our dream would indeed become a reality long before it is one, and we have to keep that faith strong while we work diligently to do what it takes to make it happen.

The law of attraction only works when we allow it to. If we break faith with our dream and stop believing, the energy field closes up around us. We can’t be ushered into success if we don’t allow the process to take place.  

YOU Are Spirit Always


 Physical Reality

You are entwined in a physical world that includes your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, community, state, country, world and atmosphere.  Though you may feel like a small pebble in a gigantic ocean, you do send out ripples with every action.  The same is true within the spiritual and cosmic worlds.  We all exist in and affect the entire universe.  Understanding that these worlds co-exist and interact, changes how we evaluate our choices.  Not only do we receive great benefits from this interconnectedness, we also share a responsibility to manage the ripples we create so that they are not echoing negativity throughout the cosmos.  The spirit entities we have contacted are very clear on this.

            One session went as follows: 

“You think of yourselves as a fragment inside a greater universe, but in actuality you do not exist within your world – your world is but a fraction of your own awareness.  The (physical) world in which you live comes from within you.  It is not outside of you and separate from you, but it is a part of your inner reality.  It is a fraction of your awareness.  Your perception is the focus that you use to examine parts of your reality, to look at your world intensely.  When you view yourself as but a small portion of an existence within a greater reality you diminish yourself.  You put a confine on your ability.  You extract yourself and keep yourself separate from powers and potentials that are naturally your own.  

View yourself as a creator whose existence is determined by a desire.  Your experiences are a function of your thought processes derived from your point of view.  As such, your reality is subject to your control, to your demands and to your ever changing impressions and interpretations.  Since you are the creator of your universe, it is not necessary for you to maintain a difficult and inharmonious existence within that reality.  Should your awareness change, it brings about within you the desire to alter your reality.  As the creator of your universe, the desire to enjoy a more comfortable and harmonious existence is subject to your demands.  You are not adrift in a sea of consciousness that carries you along against your will and subjects you to difficulties and punishments.  On the contrary, you are the major contributor of your own existence. 

  Your experiences allow growth and awareness to enhance your entire being.  Through experience, you sculpt your own attitudes and viewpoints.  The challenges of life may often appear to be outside your control and difficult to overcome.  But when your awareness has been challenged enough (that your desire to change your focus becomes more dominant than your desire to re-experience that which you have already encountered), then quite naturally, the process of change will begin.  This is the natural functioning as you have come to know it.  By accepting and recognizing yourself as the creator of your universe, you have alternative possibilities.  If you wish to change your experiences before awareness has completely taken place, you can shift your focus and maintain alternative density in a new concept or idea that interests you.   Ultimately, if you persist in maintaining this new focus, it will eventually transpire.   Even though a slowly emerging, natural awareness has not yet produced a change, you can manifest change for yourself.  Therefore it is not necessary for you to wait and endure difficult situations (over and over again in many cases) if you wish to control them sooner by concentrating your own focus.  If you actively seek to alter your reality it is a highly maneuverable state - A condition that is anxious to express your desires.  Communication is the tool that is required in order to adjust your reality. 

The first focus of communication must be upon the self.  For only through the intimate knowledge and understanding of the self can you come to know the subtle changes in your reality.  In the changes that are a natural occurrence due to experience and those that are artificially induced through desire, there is no difference in the ultimate potency of either outcome.  But the subtle differences in the emanations that are carried in the energy derived from either source will tell you many things about yourself and your environment.  Awareness of yourself is the key to discerning the awareness all around you.  You are subject to your environment if you are not in a position to control it yourself.  If you want to manifest your own reality and develop the potentials and possibilities within your awareness, then you must actively control your own thought processes.   Through communication with yourself and with other beings you can enhance your reality.  Most beings are subject to the emanations of others.  Most beings float in a sea of commotion.  They exist uncertainly in the vastness of vibration; disappear like a drop in the ocean.  They become subject to the waves and contentions around them and do little to rally their own forces.  But this is not the only alternative that is available.  You can take charge of your own experiences and ultimately some of the experiences of those who do not choose to manage their own. 

“In developing mastery of the self within the physical environment there comes a responsibility that what you chose to master and whom you chose to manipulate is done with sensitivity and a concern for your human counterparts.  The simple execution of your will upon others is ill advised.  Ultimately it creates a negative vortex of energy that is difficult to control and most often consumes both parties involved.  All beings that become entrapped by such negativity are severely affected by it; possibly injured dramatically.  However if you seek the knowledge to utilize this power with sensitivity, all parties involved can experience enrichment of their person and of their environment.  Communication must be accurate: that is precise and sensitive.  If you view yourself as a creator and your environment as a reflection of your previous thoughts, you can know yourself precisely.  Take care to value others highly and treat them well in your future creations. 

“To think of yourself only as an isolated being that controls and creates is a falsehood and the simplicity of such thoughts are damaging to yourself and to your fellow creators who also exist within your reality.  All beings are simultaneously creating their own universe and you are subject to their creations as they are to yours.  It is a harmony with a very intricate network and must be deeply respected.  This field of harmony is like a web in which each being sows his portion of reality to the reality of those nearest him.  Ultimately, the strands of thought, of creation, of desire and of manifestation, are spun into a quilt-like cloth making it large and strong.  It is important that the portion of reality that you affix and adhere onto the reality of others be as sensitive to their needs as to your own. We are all equally important participants in the creation of reality.   All lives overlap and influence others.  

No person is alone.  No creation has an isolated effect.   Beings that are more sensitive and aware should provide added strength and comfort to others.   The strongest and the most powerful creators have the greatest responsibility in the network that they create.  There is always a portion of beings that may not be able to produce a quality existence for themselves (They are working on other matters).   Though you may see yourself as existing alone within your reality, within your world, within your earth, within your experience, you are actually, actively creating it and you are not doing so alone.  Strive to see yourself in this in this powerful, yet delicate, position, rather than to lose yourself within the artificial confines of a helpless victim in a life without options. 

You are not lost within the network of experiences, but you actively manifest them.  Communication with yourself is the basic tool that you need to expand your reality and to adjust it.” 

Excerpt from:  "The Spirits Guide for Better Living" by Beauford & Jeanene Kleidon *copyright* 

FAQs and Q&A


You Asked & SPIRIT Answered:

Jen from Joplin asked:  How do I find my true path?

We asked Spirit this question and have clipped an audio of their answer below. Essentially this is what they said:

Analyze your personality and character.  Look at your traits and tendencies. What do you like to do most?  What gives you the greatest pleasure and sense of satisfaction as well as feelings of calm & acceptance?  Delve into the minute aspects of your personality.  What do you love to do and what do you dislike? What are you naturally good at?  What keeps your mind occupied to the greatest degree? 

Consider how you can use what you love in a way that would benefit others. How can you use your talents to give as a gift of love to the universe?

When you are happy at your work and are giving back to others you will feel the greatest sense of satisfaction, direction and purpose.

Jen also asked:  How do you stay on your path when you are constantly bombarded by life in general?

Spirit said that life is a continuous episode of enormous input.  It is easy to get distracted, especially by negativity.  Flip-flopping from positive to negative is not healthy. You must find your inner core of harmony deep within yourself.  Treasure and guard it. Look at the positive aspects of life and do not dwell on the negativity.  Dwelling on negativity adds to its power & potency.  It ensnares you in its muck and mire; holding your attention to it. It diminishes your power. It shortens your steps towards fulfillment.

Discard and disenchant yourself from negativity.  Hold onto the positive aspects of all situations.  When life brings forth real difficulties - look towards the resolution and not at the problem itself.  Then let the problem go. Think of problems as opportunities for improvement, not road-blocks to success.  Finding solutions will bring wisdom and knowledge to both your physical-self and your spirit-self. 

 Maria wonders if her father is at peace and how she can tell.

​That's such a good question, Maria. We decided to let the Spirits themselves answer it, as who would know better than they.

"My Dear, Spirit is not just a supernatural state limited to those few especially chosen ones.  It is a true condition of life just as real and relevant as you are.  When a human dies, their spirit does not leave their body as many have come to believe.  It is only the body that leaves.  The spirit lives on forever.  In the early times after death a persons spirit might linger around its loved ones or familiar places, but it soon puts most of its attention into re-acclimating itself with spiritual life.  The language of communication is different.  The mode of travel is different. But overwhelmingly, there is a sense of peace and purpose. The individual personality remains only slightly unless it is called to speak by someone who has the gift of understanding the language of spirit.

"Your father is most definitely at peace.  No matter how much physical and emotional pain one endures as human, the spirit does not feel it as they once did.  There is a time for examining ones life and understanding the difficulties one encountered.  There is a time for feeling the full potential of love and compassion that one might or might not have felt in the human lifetime. There is a time for forgiveness - especially for self-forgiveness.  
"All beings are Spirit. They were spirit before physical life took place. They were Spirit while in the human body and they are Spirit after the human personality has died. You can still communicate with your loved ones by calming your surroundings and calming yourself.  When you think of them then, their spirit will respond to your thoughts.  Some people are gifted with a sensitivity to receiving those messages in a human-like way, while others simply feel their presence.  Never-the-less they will respond to your prayers, thoughts and sentiments.  You should never feel alone.  Only the actual physical presence is gone.

"Compassion and forgiveness are two of the most powerful energies in spirit - When you think of your Father and feel these emotions you know that you have truly made a spirit-to-spirit connection with the man and the eternal spirit of the man.

"We Bless You."

Deb from Oakland asked:: What do you remember when you come out of a trance?

Thanks for asking that, Deb. In fact that's usually the first question I'm asked after a group session. I usually experience a trance in one of three ways. 1./ Sometimes I feel like the speaker in the sense that I seem to know the totally of what is being thought, not just what is said. I can feel the speakers frustration at not having all the words to describe an abstract concept. At times I feel the enlightenment of having perceived all the speaker knows of a topic and not just what was shared. 2./ Sometimes I feel that I was escorted to a completely different place and received information on a completely different topic. 3./ At other times I feel like I just had a wonderful and relaxing nap. Usually when I come out of a trance I remember bits of the session but it quickly fades away like night-time dreams do upon waking. However, if I meditate on the session I can usually recap the essence of it or a few specifics.

Ryan from Omaha wonders if bad or evil spirits can attach themselves to a Medium or the setters (audience/guests).

That's a good question, Ryan. A lot of people have asked me that and I suspect that a lot more have wondered it without asking.

Bad spirits have NEVER been an issue for us. We've had thousands of sessions and have never had a bad experience. Nobody has ever told me that theirs was anything but wonderful. Because we don't contact negative spirits, only the highest of enlightened spirits, our results have always be good. Even when we do work with Lost Souls, the intent is always to be helpful and we are always escorted to the spirits we work with by our most trusted guide, Ariel. He is a gatekeeper of sorts who keeps us progressing and learning in positive energy. Negative people can conjure negative spirits. Novices who do not know how to channel psychic energy can find themselves in trouble. Young people fooling around with sorcery or Ouijii Boards can allow their fears to direct their energy to dark places. We don't do that. We don't recommend that people "play" in the psychic arena. However, we have been doing this work for over 35 years and only with the utmost respect for and help from the wisest of spirits.

Shasta from Nashville wants to know if spirits can trick us into thinking they are good when they are really giving messages from the Devil.

No, Shasta.  We can ALWAYS tell by the content of the messages that their is never any ill intent in the messages we receive. The Devil never gives good advice on how to become a better person.  He does not instruct on how to share our blessings with others.  The Devil does not teach love, forgiveness, generosity or peace. There are no "evil" messages in ANYTHING that spirit shares with us. It is all intended to help in our personal growth and social responsibility.

Bob from Austin asked: "Can anyone receive messages from spirit?"

The answer is YES, but there is a "but". All human beings are spirit. We are all constantly conected to our spiritual origins. We don't always listen to the messages that spirit is trying to tell us, however. Some people, either by nature or through practice, are able to hear those whispered voices. Occassionally spirit shouts in our ear and we do hear a brief message or warning, but whether or not we get a clear message, interpret it well or follow its advice, that is anotehr story. All throughout the ages, a few people have had the gift of listening, hearing well, as well as the ability to share the messages with others. No matter what our natural state of awareness, we can all improve. In fact, that's why Butch & I are here, sharing our work with you. We agree with spirit, that we ALL can live happier, better, more productive lives when we understand spirits' wealth of knowledge.    

Ray from Calgary asks: " What can the spirits tell me about my life that would make a difference to me?"

Spirit messages tend to go right to the heart of your troubles. Rather than messing about with guesses until they hit on something you acknowledge, they zoom in on what is truly holding you back in life and then in great detail explain how you can make the changes necessary to get over that particular problem.

It does not matter if you have a problem to solve or just want to lead a more enlightened lifestyle, Spirits can help you to take the mystery out of anything including: relationship problems, financial shortfalls, general depression, anxiety, anger, or feelings of loss. They can help anyone who wants to listen and actively work on their difficulties. They have also helped many of our guests with spiritual growth, efforts to use meditation, astral projection, manifestation, past life searches and all forms of esoteric and energy work.

Their view of humanity is even greater than 360 degrees. They see from many different perspectives at a time. Unlike a human analysis of a problem or endeavor that is mostly linear, they can project probable results into many situations and will tell you what works, what doesn't and WHY. They lay out detailed scenarios and give you many options that you can choose from to achieve success.

We believe that through Spirit anyone can improve their human existence. It does not matter if you use us as a link to that Spiritual insight or you reflect and consider the Spiritual messages that you get on your own.  They are all from the same source - that infinite energy that radiates through us all - and if you listen well you will get positive information that will help you.

The problem that most people have is quieting themselves enough to receive those messages. They might get a glimpse of information, but their attention wanders away too quickly.  They cannot hold that energy long enough to get a complete picture. With a practiced Medium, you can sit and listen to all the details that you would otherwise miss out on. You can also ask questions without interrupting the flow of information. Like any conversation, input from others actually makes it better. The more you participate, the better your understanding will be.

Anna from Minneapolis asked: "Can you contact my Mother who has passed away?

In our work with the Spirits, we don't usually contact peoples' loved ones directly. We have, but that's not our area of interest, ergo expertise. Instead, Spirit can help you with your grief and questions in a very different way. There are many Mediums who do contact people who have passed and can tell you amazing things that they could not possibly know, We specialize in approaching the topic in a less dramatic, but more comprehensive way.

People who want to speak to the dead are usually suffering from a feeling of great loss. Spirit will spend considerable time helping you to understand the death process, both from a human perspective and from a Spiritual one.  They can tell you anything you want to know about the transition from human back to Spirit and back again.  They can speak in length about the transformations that take place in the non-physical world. Life is continuous and multi-dimensional. When Spirit puts you in touch with your Mother (or anyone close to you), it will be a closeness that you can keep with you forever. It is not like a quick hello, but a long lasting hug. It is a very different process and result, but equally as nourishing and much more enlightening. Both methods are very comforting. We urge you to try them both and experience those differences.







Keep your spirit animal (or animals) close. Yes indeed, differing situations may induce you to align your vibrations to different animals.  People have many characteristics, as do all animals, and different situations evoke a different inclination toward different spirit animals. Use your spirit animal in everyday occasions.  Keeping useful spirit animals around your home or office or car can help remind you to invoke the power of that particular animal whether it be for seeking their power, protection or specific intention, or to remind you to overcome some of their more intense characteristics if you are prone to them.


The rabbit symbolizes good fortune in China and in some Native American cultures it was known as the Fear Caller. In Celtic cultures it was known as a symbol of the Otherworld. During the Renaissance they symbolized both purity and lust. (who says you can't be two things at once)  Most of us relate the rabbit or hare with prolific reproduction.  

They are a symbol of fertility, the season of spring and rebirth and ultimately came to symbolize Easter.


Creative intuition, gentleness, ability to attract abundance, fertility a guide to the shadow or spirit world and could indicate that a person has obsessive  thoughts about fear and loss.

Here are a few "rabbit characteristics" to think about with your Sacred Rabbit Spirit Animal:

  • Rabbits are very territorial and live in groups which may overlap. Perhaps you      live in close family circles or want to.  You may even be seeking the solace of some "alone      time".
  • What is your relationship with fertility  and children? The rabbit symbolizes      your concerns in this area.
  • The Fear Caller may be telling you that in some circumstances you have a "knee-Jerk"      reaction and that slowing up might be in order. You may have a particular lingering anxiety that the rabbit could help you with.  The rabbit's natural reaction to run from danger might be telling you to pay more attention to your instincts.
  • Rabbit energy tells you that you may only feel safe and happy when you are among family and  friends. Maybe you just need to bank a little more time for "snuggling". Do you need more people in you life or more stimulation at work? Are you contemplating some volunteer activities?
  • Rabbits are very quiet creatures but they do vocalize. Is the rabbit telling  you that you need to find your voice or face up to a lingering shyness that keeps you from finding your place in your own family circle or getting the good job that you really deserve? May be the rabbit is telling you to speak up.
  • Rabbits are born blind but as adults they are extremely far sighted. They have a blind spot right in front of their nose.  Does this suggest anything to you? Do you see the big picture while over-looking the obvious? 
  • Stillness and the ability to listen are important skills for animals and for humans - especially during prayer or meditation.  Focus on the rabbits large ears to remind you to listen more profoundly in  prayer and in life.

Use a visual to invoke your intentions in a moment of thoughtfulness. Keep something near you.

Use a visual to invoke your intentions in a moment of thoughtfulness. Keep something near you.

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Seneca the Teacher


   Seneca is an ancient soul, reincarnated many times as a teacher, philosopher and mentor. I had never heard of anyone named Seneca. He arrived one lovely Sunday afternoon in response to a heartbroken cry for help from one of our seance circle setters. Our lives have never been the same since and we are forever grateful for his practical and loving advice. 

Seneca may not be the most tactful of spirits. Rather, he tends to cut to the chase - to the very core of a problem.   Well-being is one of the most important gifts we can learn to give ourselves. Even when we are in good health it sometimes takes an effort to be and feel truly well. The mind can quickly carry our moods to many places, both good & bad. We often feel as though we are flung back and forth at random without any rationale or any road to peace. Many a setter has since tried to wrangle about their excuses or tried to attribute cause B to their problem, but Seneca will have none of that! We may not realize what we are saying or how the way we phrase a statement affects its outcome, but he will certainly make us aware of our misstatements.    

Seneca may be ancient in the linear sense, but he is current enough to give true-to-life examples when explaining why his philosophies work. He is aware of cars and phones and computers and airplanes, just enough to catch us when we are trying to sneak out on our responsibility for the fixes we get ourselves into. He won't pull the wool over our eyes and let us hide from the facts the way we tend to do. We may try, oh how we may try, but sorry to say, Seneca is not a man to flatter us in order to win our friendship! His intent is to provide insight and he does it with a halogen lamp, not a candle!   He is adamant that three well-mastered tenants will give us everything we need to flourish in a well-ordered state of happiness. While he says these three concepts are simple, they are not easy. He himself has requested that he have 3 sessions to work with people in order to get them started on the path to happy productivity. He says that he can explain everything well enough in that amount of time, but he concedes that good students will have abundant questions and even set-backs along the journey.    

It was Seneca who requested that this website be set up to help us as we progress and to pull our ears back if we get lazy and try to blame our troubles on someone other than ourselves. He's no push-over, but not a harsh task-master either.  It's just that the truth hurts sometimes. But never fear, he's a great admirer of our human efforts to succeed and understands just when we need a little nudge forward or when to pull us back for a well-deserved hug.   During one of our many seance circles with him a setter asked Seneca if he was related to the Greek master, and although he said that in his past he had once been the man spoken of "but not exactly", he also added that over hundreds of lifetimes, that particular incarnation was but one of many in his search for insight. Philosophically he believes in moderation and harmony and has much improved his over-all understanding of human nature and the problems we get ourselves into. "Over time, man has not progressed that much and his self-knowledge is still deplorable in general. However we are in a time of richer communication and have more freedom to develop in ways that were not open to ancient man."    

Needless to say, curiosity drove me to the internet whereupon I discovered that Seneca the Younger was a Latin, or Roman, not a Greek, but fluent in both and known by both cultures during his lifetime. I was startled to read one of his "messages" to the people in which words spoken hundreds of years ago were used by our spirit guest almost verbatim. In one session when he was explaining the progression of our responsibility to humanity he said, "Do what you can for the world. Barring that, do what you can for your country. Barring that, do what you can for your community. Barring that do what you can for your friends. Barring that, do what you can for your family. Barring that, do what you can for yourself." He was telling us that our lives are important and what we do is important. Even if we can only do for ourselves, that too, is important work.  



Seneca the Spirit


In Seneca's own words:
(Seneca the Spirit not the man)

"Human life can be chaotic. It can be tragic. It can be hopeless and draining. OR: it can be fascinating,enjoyable, fulfilling, abundant, and meaningful. Yes, I could be describing how life might seem to two different people, but I'm not.

"What I'm telling you is that YOU can emerge from feeling desolate to being exuberant

"YOU can change your state of mind overnight if you really want to. I put emphasis on the word REALLY. I know a lot of you will say that you do want to and you have wanted to for a long time. But remember, I said "REALLY WANT TO".  "Of course I really want to", you say. "But may I call your attention to a few rather obvious details that belay that statement.

"IF you had really wanted something specific before NOW, you would have manifested it already. The Law of Attraction is exact. It does not waver. But it operates from the vibrational level, not from just the words you say. So if you want to feel happy, you must do a couple of things to promote that message to your vibrations or to your inner being, if you will. You cannot beg to feel happy with tears of desperation streaming down your cheeks and the ache of self-loathing belching in your gut.

"You may not know what causes your unhappiness. That's Okay. It's probably a combination of things. And while it's nice to have the skill of self-analysis,for this, we do not need it. You have everything you need right here and now.

"One thing you must realize is that we often say we want one thing, when we truly want something else. We have to learn to know exactly what we want before we can manifest it. That may take a little further understanding on your part.  Let's say you want more money. While that's probably true enough,it is incomplete on at least two levels. One: you probably don't really want money for money's sake.You can't eat money. You can do a lot of things with money. You can get things, go places and even feel safe with money. But number two: how much money do you need to feel the answer to this question: "Why do I want money?"

"Whenever you think you know what you want,always ask yourself why. Keep reining your answer. What you come up with may surprise you!

"Back to the example.  Why do you want money? To pay the rent. Do you want money for this month only, or every month? Are you short fifty bucks or do you need the whole thing? Why don't you have enough money to pay your rent? Are you working? Did you get fired? Did your rent go up? Did you have extraordinary expenses? Did you mismanage your money? Did you spend your money on drugs, or other addictive substances and that is why you can't pay your rent? Don't lay on the excuses. Be honest. If you want more money you'll have to come clean. At the same time, you might find that wanting more money is only a surface remedy for what you really need - - - what you really want!  

"Now we are getting somewhere! Let's work on resolving what you really and truly need and want,shall we?  Now ask your question again. Close your eyes and imagine what your life would be like if your real problem vanished. Reflect on this awhile. I'll still be here  when you're done, so take your time and really see yourself living a whole new life!

"If you feel a little better right now, you did a perfect job! By imagining your life the way you'd like it to be, you actually got emotional feedback that validates that satisfaction in your physical body. It made you feel good. More than that, it actually changed your vibrational field of energy. Your kinetic magnetism changed, and the universe changed gears with you. As long as you keep thinking this way you will be guiding, that's right, steering, the universe toward your particular goal.

"The minute you start thinking what a crappy life you have, however, you'll slam the brakes on your new manifestation with the force of a Mack Truck! That's why you have to work at this. I said it would be simple, not easy!

"I'm going to leave you with this for now because I want  you to really ponder it. When you come back, I hope you will have lots of questions." - - -Seneca.


Seneca the Man

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
(often known simply as Seneca,
or Seneca the Younger)
(c.3 BC- AD 65) was a Roman philosopher,statesman, and dramatist of the SilverAge of Latin Literature

 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy writes:  "Seneca is a major philosophical figure of the Roman Imperial Period. As a Stoic philosopher writing in Latin, Seneca makes a lasting contribution to Stoicism. He occupies a central place in the literature on Stoicism at the time, and shapes the understanding of Stoic thought that later generations were to have. Seneca's philosophical works played a large role in the revival of Stoic ideas in the Renaissance. Until today, many readers approach Stoic philosophy through Seneca, rather than through the more fragmentary evidence that we have for earlier Stoics. Seneca's writings are stunningly diverse in their generic range"  

See more go to:  /http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/seneca

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